Rebranded Portal Terms and Conditions

Rebranded Portal Terms and Conditions

31st Jan 2018 @ 16:09 GMT by Twinkas

We have combined so many technologies on the re-branded portal. In cases of freezing panels on the re-branded portal, please reload the page. Don't worry about data loss while navigating, we have got that covered. Read the following Information about the Re-branded Portal and Keep them as a documentation.

Section 1:
The rebranded portal depends on an LSMP (Logical Scattered Matrix Plan) dispatch robot for its operations. This Robot ensures that all available RDs are spanned over the GDs accordingly leaving no Participant behind. The LSMP makes use of the FIFO (First In First Out - Read More on Wikipedia) method of operation
On the Donation Status Panel, A triangle Sign means that the particular column needs Attention and must be fixed. Same applies to the Receive Donation Panel. Failure to take prompt action will result to a Count charge on your account.

A false Give Donation Intention will not be entertained and the penalty is Severe. First of all, if they have current money, it will be deducted and not returned as penalty for the offense. On extreme occasions, your initial Held Donation Profit will be seized (Data Memory Loss).

Decrementing the value of a GD is not Supported. Maintain a specific amount or start small.
As soon as you make your first/only pay out, your RD time starts counting and will be available for RD as soon as you have donated out all your GD. Website Maintenance and other factors do not affect this operation. However, a low amount of GD may delay the process if it occurs.

The LSMP might span your account to pay 1 person 3 times on one cycle OR you might be receiving from one person 3 times on one RD cycle. Do not relent. It's not a mistake. Do your bidding and leave the rest for the System to handle

If any case gets to Twinkas court, a 3 count charge must be administered on the Donor (uploading a fake proof of payment) or the Receptor (you fail to activate your donors) .The 3 count charges are: count 1 - Delaying a Participant, count 2 - Engaging in the service of a Client, count 3 - Delay and Obstruction of LSMP System which is very Severe. Doing this twice on one account will get that account suspended and all GDs/RDs suspended also.

Our URLS are delicate. If you are caught toiling with them, your account can be suspended on a 5 count charges. (charge 1 - Attempting Breaking and Entry, charge 2 - Hijacking attempt, count 3 - Obstruction of the LSMP System, count 4 - Fraudulent activity, count 5 - HTTP Tunneling)
Portal robots will be at alert for offenses. Delayed activation and payment may attract a 1 count charge. If an account count charge reaches 5, your account will be blocked and all your pending GD and RD withheld/Suspended.

Section 2:
To Fight Spam on the Rebranded portal, All Account must be confirmed before it can be used on the Rebranded portal. Failure to confirm an account after 5 days of registration will render the account and details pertaining to that account useless. Adding a Final Layer of Spam Filter, all new accounts will be Manually approved by the System administrator. Banking Details will be verified for each account Supplied. Mobile numbers will be Pinged for Availability.�

This will ensure that Spam accounts are partially eliminated. Newly registered members cannot participate in the LSMP Cycle (GD and RD) until account is manually approved.
You have read and understood that "Spamming" and or cross recruiting meaning contacting other participants in an attempt to promote ANY other opportunity to ANY fellow TwinKaS participant is grounds for "Immediate" account suspension which disqualifies you from receiving spillover, new sign-ups as well as donations.
Cases where mobile numbers of Participants are not reachable, use the internal mailing options provided for you and report to the Administration if case exceeds your capability. Messengers can be used to re-send proof of payments and other information that may be needed. However, this functionality should not be misused.�

You can not hide a house that is built on a hill. You are what you say you are. Do Not Retreat, Do Not Surrender. If you ain't talking money, please be brief.